Ex-Models featuring Kid Millions CD review [Troubleman Unlimited]

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Ex-Models featuring Kid Millions CD review [Troubleman Unlimited]
Sep 27, 2005, 05:51


It's hard to decide if this album signals growth or decay. Ex-Models' electronically-detuned guitar grizz-istle still sounds like a Pussy Galore album cracked and played at the wrong speed. And, of course, the vocals still resemble puppets screaming in middle of a bris ceremony. But where Ex-Models once twitched through songs quicker than an epileptic wearing armor in a microwave oven, now they've suddenly gone all stretchy on us: These songs not only surpass the band's old “epic” mark of 2:35 (or whatever) in length, some tracks elongate themselves to nearly seven whole minutes. Stranger still, they've discovered a form of No Wave trance-grind that tests old fans' patience. No more ADHD time-signature shifts in mid-measure—here they keeping filing down the same ragged noise riff until it's nothing but a nub. And then the song ends. It goes like this: skrizz-skrizz-skrizz-skrizz-skrizz-skrizz-skrizz-kaput. It's a pretty sweet listen in some ways, especially if you're a hipster bar DJ and you wanna kick out the cling-ons after last call. But live onstage? Sorry to say, it gets a little dull. Still, this ain't a live review. It's an album review. And this album's a fine little bout of treble-abusing indie skronk that will torture anyone with a hungover spouse, housemate, roommate, co-worker or boss. Consider that a recommendation. [Troubleman Unlimited]

-J Graham

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