Faust DVD review [MVD]

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Faust DVD review [MVD]
Apr 19, 2005, 17:31

FAUST Impressions DVD+CD

This is the first official Faust DVD release. The 5-minute intro looks like 1970's footage of the group hanging out with someone wearing a Polar Bear costume. Then the menu kicks in and I start accepting the fact that the main body of work here revolves around the eleven experimental films of Faust drummer, Zappi-W-Diermaier accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of original Faust tracks from the 1970's/80's/90's, three of them never previously released. I don't have a 5.1 surround sound system so I cannot experience this in its intended manner, but apparently Diermaier has added some of his music in the mix atop the older Faust material which separates spatially due to the 5.1 surround.

The thought-provoking visual segments are a mixed flock of crossfading images including food, flowers, radios, odd characters, sexy machinery, animals, chemtrails, a bobbing headphone wrestler/lumberjack and an old man in hallucinatory fungal foliage. This package also comes with a CD of newer percussive compositions by Diermaier.

Many Faust faithful will be disappointed that this is an experimental film collage DVD. Sure, it would be cool to see an hour of archival live footage from such a seminal outfit and have the music here straight off the original recording instead of being remixed with additional music but lets face it, Faust can and should do whatever the fuck they want. And hopefully they'll keep doing what they want because that is what made them great to begin with. If you don't like it, go out and start your own fucking band and let's see what you can do! [Hit Thing/MVD]

-Alan Bishop

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