Heavy Trash CD review [Yep Roc]

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Heavy Trash CD review [Yep Roc]
Apr 19, 2005, 19:34


Jon Spencer lost it several years back and hasn't been able to recover. It has been a long time since Spencer ruled the world. Once invincible the King of Cool failed to mix it up and stay two steps ahead. Instead, he went from heralded to parody to pathetic and it all seemed to happen in just a few years. While he was busy copying himself folks like the White Stripes took the ball and ran straight to the bank creating some damn good music on the way. A little late and not the change most people were looking for he dropped his name from the Blues Explosion, changed labels, and put together this side project with Speedball Baby Matt Verta-Ray only to sound like… Jon Spencer. As a result the material comes across as dated and forced while covering no new ground or creating something that sets this apart from anything else Spencer has done. It's the same recycled rock that began with Pussy Galore and spilled into the Blues Explosion. Heavy Trash sounds like a Lower East Side bar band that you'd forget just as soon as you left the bar complaining that some guy named Jon Spencer used to do it better fifteen years ago. [Yep Rock]

-Troy Brookins

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