Hermano CD review [Meteor City]

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Hermano CD review [Meteor City]
Apr 26, 2005, 19:38


Legal battles leading to stalled and scrapped releases seem to follow frontman John Garcia like Pigpen's cloud of dust. It's unfortunate that Garcia seems to find himself in a constant uphill battle instead of being able to concentrate at what he does best and that's blow a hole in the sky every time he opens his mouth and lets loose that unmistakable wail. Is there a better sounding singer in rock? While former bandmate Josh Homme, and even Nick Oliveri to some extent, suck up the spotlight and garner all the high-end press, Garcia has put out some of the finest post-Kyuss rock and roll that easily rivals the QOTSA crew. Slo Burn, Unida, and now Hermano have all delivered in that heavy desert-fried don't fuck with me vibe that makes me want to go out and score some speed. While I understand how this gets lumped in with the stoner crowd it really begs the opposite wanting you to get up and go as Garcia's vocals push harder and harder and the band kicks in to full throttle making it impossible to sit still. Hopefully with the recent signing to Meteor City Hermano will stick around long enough to be noticed by more than just a handful of devotees. [Meteor City]

-Troy Brookins

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