Hiretsukan CD review [G7 Welcoming Committee]

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Hiretsukan CD review [G7 Welcoming Committee]
Mar 22, 2005, 14:27


HIRETSUKAN Invasive/Exotic CD

 Awesome screaming hardcore with a female vocalist whose serpentine rasp sounds like Heroin's Matt Anderson being chewed up and spat out by Born Against-era Sam McPheeters, with an eerie anthem-esque guitar layered atop to make every song sound like the final apocalypse. The songs soar, with distorted guitars climbing over dissonant, clean notes create a vast melodic depth (it's quite possible that the guitar sound is just one clean guitar recorded direct to the board, with distortion added on top). Meanwhile, the drums and bass pound away, somehow trying to keep pace with vocalist Michelle's impassioned and overdriven shrieks. Great cover of Metallica's “Creeping Death” too. While the whole “screamo” thing's been really dull for several years now, Hiretsukan are a scream of fresh air. [G7 Welcoming Committee]

-Dave Clifford

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