Human Eye CD review [In The Red]

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Human Eye CD review [In The Red]
Apr 5, 2005, 15:38


I realize you sprogs have heard this 1000x's from the graybeards: “punk” was originally an attitude, not a “style,” meaning a perspective or a strategy for problem-solving rather than an aesthetic straitjacket. SO HOW COME SO FEW GRASP or better yet FOLLOW THE POINT! It was/is about freedom from artistic constraints and expectations: to know, to will, to dare and to… make some fuckin' noise! Well, Human Eye embrace it and embody such principles to a frightful degree.

On this eponymous record their playing is free from all formulaic dictates of punk first and foremost. They're fierce, fast and sloppily crude and their sheer projectile force seems to bind their sound together, like a mud ball hurtling through the air; like a comet through the ether. Human Eye break shackle free from the dogmatic “freedom” of “free jazz” or “free music” per se, i.e. the knee jerk rejection of form. They draw, uh, freely, from a wide range of inspirations including, uh, punk, garage-rock, vintage Beefheart, etc. Human Eye wax unashamedly corny here, archly artsy there, but always firing at maximum intensity and with neatness and precision being the first quality sacrificed in every instance. Or more succinctly, they're a stone gas. [In The Red]

-Howard Wuelfing

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