Icky Boyfriends CD review [Menlo Park]

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Icky Boyfriends CD review [Menlo Park]
Jun 28, 2005, 06:31


Ya know it's fairly hard to go wrong with your basic spazz-rock as long as you observe a few fundamental rules: each song should be short, simple and have a hook; the stringed instruments should be turned up loud, distorted and be played with obvious gusto… ferocity is good if ya can genuinely muster it; as per singing—intense will suffice, though you can get bonus points for singing a melody per se and double points if that's in tune. And yet, too few outfits take advantage of the formula and fewer still are those who do actually manage to get it right despite its apparent straightforwardness and effectiveness.

SF's late (and apparently unlamented) Icky Boyfriends got it right in spades. They made a mighty fine, raucous, obstreperous noise that erupted in undeniably tasty lickage. That's all. And that's all it takes.  The posthumous compilation A Love Obscene is pure rock-action stripped of all finery, pretense and extraneous materials. All these selections manifest the pure rock 'n' roll spirit—unfettered, uncut, living, pulsing, stinky and yowling. This music is all screaming id—straight up, no chaser.

And either that's your idea of heaven, or otherwise—hell. Period. There's no middle ground here. Ya want middle ground, listen to those dolts, Slipknot. [Menlo Park Recordings]

-Howard Wuelfing

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