Kinski CD review [Sub Pop]

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Kinski CD review [Sub Pop]
Jul 12, 2005, 03:14

KINSKI Alpine Static CD

Seattle instrumental quartet Kinski propound a curious hybrid oeuvre that at its best is an utterly galvanizing experiment-prone power plant of rock (imagine Fu Manchu covering Neu!). There are precedents for this in the early psychedelia that carried the seeds of both prog and heavy metal and Kinski hearken back to that, only with seeds having rooted and put forth stem and bud with leaf and flower and fruit to follow!

At the outset, “Hot Stenographer” pens with some awesomely massive riffola that gives way to pointedly prickly bits—exploding into waves of feedback lines that are allowed to ululate at length… and then some… and then some more. Further along they snag on one power chord that keeps repeating until you get the joke—then get sick of it, then getting the joke that you're intended to get sick of the repeats. Top drawer!

Alpine Static contains a goodly amount of intriguing songwriting gambits and obtuse arranging strategies delivered at extreme volume and density that utterly rocks m' world. There are some parts that are more subdued and spartan and that stuff's nice but it is more predictable, smarty-pantsed fare. It's when they deliver ambitious ideas with the brute intensity of a High On Fire that you're surprised and thrilled and that's what happens on the bulk of this release. [Sub Pop]

-Howard Wuelfing

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