Kreator CD review [SPV]

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Kreator CD review [SPV]
Jan 11, 2005, 00:50

KREATOR Enemy of God CD

I go back a long way with Kreator. When I was 15, parental advisory stickers had just come out and were a hot-button issue. I went into a record store to buy Kreator's Pleasure to Kill, which had a sticker on it. This store had a policy that you had to be 18 to buy a CD with a parental advisory sticker and supposedly enforced it. The clerk picked up the CD and looked at me, obviously knowing I wasn't of the required age.

“You know, you have to be 18 to buy this CD. Are you 18?”


“I'd really hate to have to card you.”

“Yeah, that would suck.”

After a long, uncomfortable pause, he rang me up.

Despite numerous purgings of the CD collection over the years which were necessary to keep the volume down to a level slightly less than ridiculous, Pleasure to Kill is still on my shelf, although I have to admit it's pretty dusty from non-use. So when I got this, it was a bit of a blast from the past and my initial reaction was “Wow, they're still around?!” I put it on, and it felt comfortable, like an old blanket that's infused with your own smell. With these guys, this music, extreme as it is, doesn't feel like a stretch, but second nature. Thrash metal obviously fits the German character well; it's highly structured with a strong tone of malevolence. So, yeah, I dig it even if they are still playing the same music that I enjoyed so long ago. And this CD will stay on my shelf. Filing it right next to Pleasure to Kill. But, to be honest, in a few years this new one will probably become just as dusty. [SPV]

-Brett Horn

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