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Lightning Bolt CD review [Load]
Oct 18, 2005, 17:26

LIGHTNING BOLT Hypermagic Mountain CD

It's still hard to believe that Lightning Bolt wrench such sounds out of only bass and drums. If I haven't seen evidence of it in person on more than a few occasions, I might still remain unconvinced to this day. Hypermagic Mountain adds another layer to the Lightning Bolt story, with cleaner production and songs that belie an even stronger fascination with prog rock. Thanks in part to producer Dave Auchenbach, the duo sound as ferocious as ever as they decimate everything in their path, with a sound that comes closer to the intensity of their hallowed live show than ever before.

The band's use of vocals have always seemed superfluous and Hypermagic Mountian does little to change that, but the improvement in the actual sound of them in the mix is refreshing. 

While I still can't reasonably understand why anyone would want to spend time listening to Lighting Bolt (or Hella, or Fucking Champs, or Oxes) when you can still buy Reign in Blood on Amazon for $13.99, the relentless, street sweeping intensity of this duo continues to impress. And don't the kids just love it? [Load]

- James Jackson Toth

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