Martin Peter CD review [Angora Steel]

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Martin Peter CD review [Angora Steel]
May 24, 2005, 06:22

MARTIN PETER Enough Of This?! CD

Martin Peter's Enough Of This?! in effect manages the neat trick of combining the worst of both worlds—the tedium that can afflict unimaginative dance music and the banality of cliché-sodden rock. The liner notes brag about it being “home recorded computer-punk” so one assumes this was assembled digitally. So basically anything was possible and to pursue the wildest flights of creative impulse would merely have been a matter of plugging in the old guitar or synth and inserting bright ideas where desired, and pushing those further outside the envelope with some canny rhythmic or tonal reshaping and put it into effective order via simple copy/pasting.

Instead Enough of This?! is brimming with stale skinny-tie guitar licks and organ vamping (Fabulous Poodles—come back! All is forgiven!) on top of endlessly repeating beat box ticky-tock. Matters are only worsened by trite evocations of street-cred through fulminations upon methadone abuse, wanting to hear people scream in pain, etc. It's all just a little too 20th Century. A vocal assist from ex-Pop Group singer Mark Stewart is a relative bright spot—he's typically fierce and untrammeled to a fault; now if you could strip away the backing tracks!

This is recommended for Killers fans looking to wax (relatively) “edgey” (I think that'd be the right marketing stooge buzzword?) [Angora Steel, Haager Str. 10A, D-81671 Munchen, Germany]

-Howard Wuelfing

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