Minmae CD review [Grey Day Productions]

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Minmae CD review [Grey Day Productions]
Jun 7, 2005, 06:28

MINMAE I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning CD

I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning, the fourth outing from NOLA-based trio Minmae is subtly stunning. There's no great stylistic breakthroughs or conceptual revelations, but they do strike an ideal, if precarious balance between various disparate factors AND deliver each of those elements with swaggering nonchalance, yet forcibly.

Minmae kinda do what Pavement did at their best, and more consistently than the latter. Pavement often attained greatness but their albums were all consistently patchy too; Minmae strike pay-dirt every time. The songs here are sturdily written but with ingenious structural departures from orthodoxy thrown in time and again. Their playing is solid and self-assured, but with a comfortably ragged edge. The vocals are notably wooly, yet fondle the melodies with obvious facility and aplomb. Additional kudos to them for inter-cutting shambling mini-masterpieces with occasionally more delicate numbers—all massed vocal harmonies o'er gossamer guitar. Really, kinda perfect. [Grey Day Productions, PO Box 2086, Portland, OR 97208]

-Howard Wuelfing

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