Murder Your Darlings CD review [Reptilian]

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Murder Your Darlings CD review [Reptilian]
Jan 18, 2005, 15:55


Ohio's Murder Your Darlings is a rock band, that's a rock band, mind you, no wait, I mean a ROCK band. Actually, no, that's not right, they're Midwest hardcore. Or are they punk? Does anyone even call themselves punk anymore, and if they did, would that entitle us to laugh at them? Well, obviously, I'm a bit confused. But I guess that's the issue I have with bands like this. Don't get me wrong, I'm not such a music snob that I don't still feel the need for fast, loud music with little or no frills, but over the years, the number of straight-ahead bands that really ring my bell have gotten fewer and farther between. Most of this music I find now to be a bit of a bore; it's tired and been done to death, a second derivative. But I can't throw it entirely aside. There is still the echo of the mighty buzz that a good beat and a strong riff could deliver once upon a time, and I must admit that I still occasionally find myself throwing my hand in the air when something tickles my rock bone just so. Listening to Murder Your Darling's, I found a twinge of enjoyment, they're really not bad at all, but they're still many steps away from being fully endorsable. Again, it's rock, with a definite Midwest flavor, and a dash of Jesus Lizard “we're going to pummel your head in but that doesn't mean we're dumb” pretense. Sadly though, they're not bringing anything to the table unique enough to put themselves over the top, with little in the way of originality or variation to make the songs stand out individually, so they still have a ways to go to get my fist pumping. [Reptilian]

-Brett Horn

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