No Neck Blues Band CD review [5 Rue Christine]

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No Neck Blues Band CD review [5 Rue Christine]
Nov 8, 2005, 17:11


It is with great relief that I report that No Neck Blues Band's debut for 5RC (which, taking into account the band's previous relationship with ‘the biz' is tantamount to full-blown mainstream indoctrination) is every bit the barn-burner it ought to be. Like Wolf Eyes on their recent Burned Mind LP for Sub Pop, No Neck haven't let the historic lineage of their new label lead them to subconsciously compromise their aesthetic on any level whatsoever. Qvaris finds the band once again opening up the books on free jazz, brain fried psych rock, and celestial blues, and digging heartily. One minute the boys are channeling their mentors/pals Trad Gras Och Stenar, the next, morphing seamlessly from Fistful of Dollars to Pure Fucking Armageddon. Each of the players are as intuitive as ever, playing with the ease of friends who've been trying to guess each other's next move for over a decade. When they get it right, it rules. When they get it wrong, it still rules.

Most notably, Qvaris is a repeater in an era of disposable music—a release who's magic and power is revealed with its layers, and further evidence of this group's sublime, inimitable talents. [5 Rue Christine]

-B. Baggins

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