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Nudity CD EP review
May 1, 2005, 16:35


They claim to be astral travelers, but these four rockers from Olympia, WA cite influences rooted deep in Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, Velvet Underground and the MC5. And though it's a driving brand of psych-rock steeped in a well worn genre of far out sounds, Nudity serve up their singular vision of rhythm and heat through a gloriously sunshine filled bionic brand of psychedelic boogie.

Fronted by Dave Harvey (formerly of Two Ton Boa, The Arm, Tight Bros., Behead the Prophet, etc.) on guitars, vocals, harmonica, shakers and flute the quartet includes Chris Sutton on guitar and vocals (Dub Narcotic Sound System), Eryn Ross on drums and Josh Haynes on bass. The band has recently self-released their first CD EP, which was available on their July west coast tour.

This 5-song, self-titled disc opens with the blistering (if not misnamed) “Now I'm Resting.” It's a straight-ahead, short rocker that sets the pace and scope of the CD. The song snaps into place with the throttling pulse of two guitars and a bass riff that gives a well-measured and linear bounce to the frenzied and kaleidoscopic guitar work. Vocals soar, scream, and filter out into broken harmonies that dissipate into shakers and guitar leads—and all of this is washed over the very solid, driving back beat of Eryn Ross's drums. Beside the songs “This Man” (available for streaming on the band's MySpace page), the cover of Hawkwind's “Hurry On Sundown,” and the sleek and spacey, ten minute plus “Birdsong,” is the hilarious and fun “Moon Druids,” a song that features a short vocal/flute accompaniment which firmly launches into some of the sickest, soul drenched boogie out there. Clocking in just shy of three minutes (it's the shortest song on the EP), “Moon Druids” nicely demonstrates the interplay between the song and the sonics that Nudity is working with. And while each song plummets into digressions of exploding, swelling, and whooshing guitars, the tangents seem to be the destination—each song expands and contracts in the most exciting ways but retains the economy of proficient craftsmanship.

The bass and vocals tend to be a bit buried in the recording and the cool pan fades are almost unnoticeable without headphones, but the disc does show that Nudity is bent on making some of the most sonically insane bionic boogie to come out of the Northwest in quite some time. With any luck, hopefully they can stick it out long enough to realize their sound and direction on a full length that can capture the full dimension of their far-out, galactic raw power.

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-Paul Matthew

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