Polysics CD review [Tofu Music]

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Polysics CD review [Tofu Music]
Mar 22, 2005, 04:37

POLYSICS Polysics or Die!!!!! CD

4-piece band hailing from Tokyo. I'll start with Pussy Galore covering Devo filtered through an old Donkey Kong machine. Obviously these folks have drawn more than a few cues from Mothersbaugh and company, but the completely unhinged manner in which they vomit those influences back out is a raw power treat to behold. There's a lot of the sounds and trappings of new wave circa late 70's early 80's, but missing is the sterility and uptight delivery that made much of that era's crap unlistenable. Polysics take those sounds and spin them with the reckless abandon of a COWS while still maintaining some of those evil new wave hooks that haunt us older types (like M's “Pop Music”). How the hell they take new wave influences and still sound threatening is amazing. For fucks sake they cover “My Sharona” and spin it in such a mutated fashion that it's initially unrecognizable, but by the time they really sink their claws into it, it's actually great. Songs like “Looking Looking Gaa” stops the rock action long enough to come off as some demented Japanese candy commercial jingle, only to then smack the listener with a blistering attack that reminds me of an early Butthole Surfers. Scattered throughout are some truly demented and fucked up guitar attacks and a drum kit that sounds as though it's been beaten to its final, brutal end. This definitely stacks up to all the previous POLYSICS records I've been able to lay my hands on, and that's been no easy task thanks to the scarcity of their U.S. and Japanese only pressings, but trust me it's well been worth the effort. [Tofu Music]

-Haze XXL

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