Turpentine Brothers CD review [Alive/Bomp]

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Turpentine Brothers CD review [Alive/Bomp]
Jan 18, 2005, 23:55

TURPENTINE BROTHERS We Don't Care About Your Good Times CD

Side projects are usually an exercise in excess; never really coming together where you get the sense that the whole idea was necessary. They're usually used as a vessel for exploring other avenues that your full-time band won't allow you to bring to the table and by the time they're finished it's obvious why the material was rejected in the first place. The Turpentine Brothers however manage to pull off the nearly impossible by giving us something viable that stands on its own two feet. Made up of a couple of Kings of Nuthin' and Tara McManus from Mr. Airplane Man, the Brothers rock in that Oblivians meet Quintron style.

We Don't Care About Your Good Times is dirty, dark, and dangerous like a Baptist revival fronted by a bunch of juvenile delinquents. Singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard has a deep, brooding voice that lends to the haunting mood of the music created by organist Zack Brines and leans hard on the late sixties sound. Definitely on the high-end of one of the better garage records released this year. [Alive/Bomp]

-Troy Brookins

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