XBXR CD review [Polyvinyl]

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XBXR CD review [Polyvinyl]
Sep 13, 2005, 23:46

XBRX Sixth in Sixes CD

According to the band's press release, “Xbxrx mates a post-hardcore guitar onslaught with articulate experimentation and intense, cathartic vocals to create a relentlessly modern rock music that is as chilling as it is invigorating.”

In the album's more interesting moments, like “Fabricated Progression,” the band reaches for something challenging and fun, melding their thrash and burn post-hardcore with moments of synthpunk-like blurring somewhere along the lines of Behead the Prophet meets the The Screamers. Songs like “In Memory of Our Lives” and “Hope Until We Can” also reach to embody the sincere vehemence the press release describes. On its best moments, the musicianship is dynamic and daring—propelling the listener forward ahead of the beat into a space where one can enjoy the jagged, bumpy ride. But, overall, listening to this record wore me out; I found myself listening with decreasing interest, waiting for something more interesting to emerge out of the cacophony. If you've never heard this band before, say their name out loud about ten times: you get the idea. Onomatopoeia meets monotony. [Polyvinyl]

-Paul Matthew

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