Zelienople CD review [Loose Thread]

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Zelienople CD review [Loose Thread]
Sep 1, 2005, 02:03


Zelienople is all about the drones ‘n' loops; ain't nothin' wrong with that, though in lesser hands this can easily go way awry. There 're few things worse than half-baked drone = simple laziness and thus sameness, tedium, obnoxious repetition, all of which this outfit neatly sidesteps.

But, the again, Zelienople are canny mothers. Most songs feature nothing more than 1, 2, or 3 chords, calmly shifting back and forth delivered via bass, guitar, KB, drums and loopage, then peppered with whispery/echoey dream-pop vocalizing—very minimal—Zelienople take care to strategically shift the center of focus from one instrument to another with the spotlighted instrument performing a nicely hook-laden melodic motif with the center of attraction varying from song to song.

“It's Hard To Steal Cars” opens with all instruments contributing to a riverine sloughing while keyboards burble a jaunty circular tune. “Friendly With The Father” finds the guitar carrying the melodic burden with the bass adding harmonic counterpoint and keyboards vanishing all together. And so on.

This ain't revolutionary, but done well it's highly effective, holds your attention and consistently yields one distinctive number after another. Against all odds. Nice. [Loose Thread]

-Howard W.

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