All Tomorrow's Party CD review [Alive]

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All Tomorrow's Party CD review [Alive]
Nov 28, 2006, 05:19

ALL TOMORROW'S PARTY Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide CD

All Tomorrow's Party started out as a Velvet Underground cover band. Their mind-bending, teeth-grinding roots are firmly intact, but this powerfully talented Japanese space rock trio has established its own sound, even if it evolves constantly through the course of one album.

Yoo Doo… creeps up and grabs you by the brain just 15 seconds into the first track. In “Sympathy for the Junkies,” slow, sinuous, psychedelic guitar moans over the slinky beat of maracas for four-minutes of spaced out bliss. Then the band kicks into grittier gear, tossing off a fuzz-fueled guitar romp called “Love Can Bring You Down” that's driven by a manic, hollow drumming. Eventually, the track morphs into a distorted slab of sonic mayhem only to locate the groove again at the finish. Delicious.

The Velvet influence is, of course, evident here, as is the reassuring ghost of Iggy Pop. But the Party also invites comparisons to Mudhoney, Queens of the Stone Age, Teenage Fanclub, the Beatles, even Pink Floyd. Front man Jetsuo Kitame supplies the vocals and guitars, and uses both to veer from gritty dirges to chiming, optimistic melodies undercut with just the right amount of dissonance. Not a bad song on this disc. [Alive]

-Michael Coleman

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