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Blight CD review
Mar 21, 2006, 23:28


What is it with all of these old '70s and '80s p-rock bands doing reunions and/or reissues lately? It seems as if every time I go into a record store (rarely) I'm hit with yet another of yesteryears heroes clamoring to get back into the market, competing with this year's model. Most should have stayed in the basement crates where they belong. In fact I'm wondering if Tesco Vee, Steve Miller or Corey Rusk tripped over the box holding the master tapes that make up this bit o' Midwest history.

For those of you who don't remember Ronny Reagan, 60¢-a-pack Marlboros or the hilarity that was Nell Carter, Blight was a side project/“super group” featuring the aforementioned Messrs. Vee (from The Meatmen) and Miller (The Fix). Both were legendary mid-Michigan based bands that achieved a fair amount of notoriety “back in the day” as today's generation would say. Whereas those bands were mucho popular and pretty much straight-ahead aggro, Blight was a sonic kick in the melon. Musically, one part Flipper and one part noise for noise sake. Lyrically, Tesco spewed out pure anti-establishment venom, more violent than the funny punk ha-has of his Meatmen stuff. I have to admit though, twenty-five years later it plays less hateful than it did then.

Again, for those of you who were zygotes when Blight graced stages across the Midwest, the songs on Detroit were taken from the band's original T&G 7”. There are also two tracks from a lesser known “cassette” only release and a 16-minute, “live from Detroit” set from 1982. The band did play a number of memorable songs—that I had completely forgotten—that today's youth should find meaningful for all the right reasons. For me, however, it was yet another stroll, albeit pleasant, down memory lane. [Touch & Go]

-Norm Nzebrowski

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