Celestial CD review [Bindrune]

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Celestial CD review [Bindrune]
Mar 27, 2006, 04:41

CELESTIAL Desolate North CD

Maybe when you were very young, and you didn't have any friends and couldn't throw a football, you might have wondered what the trees and sky would sound like if they sang a song. Well, wonder no more—the sound of nature is grim and dark, howling in terror and bellowing with frightened rage. At least that's one man band Celestial's take on it.

Celestial's press kit boasts that the project was created to “mirror the mysticism in nature,” and the album definitely evokes haunted scenes of frosty woodlands and ominous skies. Transcending the boring “funeral doom'”genre, Celestial push the envelope by utilizing harps and Native American flutes within the gloomy ambience. Celestial's relative patience also set them apart from their pessimistic peers, as each track unfolds slowly and assuredly, with little in the way of dynamics.   

While not possessing the bottom and obsessive attention to sonic detail of, say, Sunn0))) and their ilk, Celestial's bold take on heavy wallpaper is more satisfying than not. And the fact that this comes from such an unlikely place as Minnesota certainly raises an eyebrow. Desolate North, indeed. [Bindrune]

-James Jackson Toth

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