Earmint CD review [EV Recordings]

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Earmint CD review [EV Recordings]
Nov 26, 2006, 15:05

EARMINT Another Early Evening CD

While attempting to find a reasonable explanation for the demise of the record business, it comes back down to one basic fact: the one thing a record company could do for an artist that they couldn't do themselves was the actual pressing of the vinyl record. Once digital recording and distribution came about, the need for a traditional label was non-existent (unless you needed their dough to secure you a spot on commercial radio, but we won't go there). That said, dozens of “bedroom” producers like Robert Krums (AKA Earmint) have come crawling out of the piles of discarded analog tape. This kid, like DJ Shadow and MC 900 FT Jesus before him, has taken the solo claustrophobic ProTools production job and expanded it beyond the obvious parameters. Only a handful of tracks here feature any kind of vocals, and that is certainly for the better. Another Early Evening is actually a brilliant record—probably the best abstract hip-hop album that I've heard all year. If you can find this at your local record store, burn a copy and send it to Shadow. Inspire a creative peer pressure on behalf of the listening audience. [EV Recordings]

-Jeffrey Liles

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