Electric Six CD review [Metropolis]

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Electric Six CD review [Metropolis]
Sep 12, 2006, 23:59

ELECTRIC SIX   Switzerland CD

The third effort for the Detroit band once known as The Wild Bunch drives more to the synth side in a Cars-ish manner, discarding the fat guitars that have until now defined their sound. E6 should be making millions by now, driven by the band's first two albums that were marked by a wit that bordered on Sparks-smart smarminess and songs that pulled equal parts from Devo and three-chord thud.

Switzerland, though, is a roll of the dice. The band, having tasted foreign fame a couple of years back, has had a few years to make it here in the U.S. but seemingly is just now getting a hold. While as bright as previous releases, this new 13-song batch is not blockbusting in an obvious way.  “I Buy the Drugs” is piano-led and jerky, while “Pink Flamingos” has a spaghetti western twist, and further, “Mr. Woman” has synth/keyboard flourishes straight from the Eddie Jobson school of cool. These trips will have a hard time selling though in a broken music market, where Ladytron are underground and the Decemberists are heralded as saviors.  And transferring most of these songs to the stage, which is where E6 really shines, will be tough. Meanwhile, Electric Six are one of the better U.S. bands and anything it has done should be consumed pronto. [Metropolis]


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