Fuck The System DVD review [Metro Interactive]

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Fuck The System DVD review [Metro Interactive]
Mar 14, 2006, 04:54


Punk rock porno! But wait a second—stamp those Suicide Girls fantasies back into the recesses of your libido. Fuck the System isn't “empowering” softcore for sweet, post-collegiate tattoo models. This is greasy, low-budget XXX with a fuzzball punk soundtrack and nary a “sex-positive” feminist essay within earshot. In fact, the first three (out of five total) vignettes lean very heavily on male domination and aggression. If two gnarly Skrewdriver skinheads raping a young, illegal-looking Cambodian girl on a pool table gets you erect, this is the video for you. If the sight of a bruised, cottage-cheesy ass getting reamed atop dance floor amplifiers at the Anarchy Library in Downey, CA, makes you horny, baby, sign right up. Or if you think a skank servilely choking on the cock of a sunglasses-and-moustache cop is even remotely P.U.N.K., you should roll to the nearest stroke-video store for your very own copy of Fuck the System (and you should probably cancel that subscription to Maximumrocknroll while you're at it). There may be an audience of bored and horny tweakers, trapped in some tumbleweed slum, that finds this useful masturbatory material, but color me limp and unenthusiastic. It's a shame, too—with a hopped-up soundtrack featuring Rancid, Youth Brigade, Blanks 77, Complete Control and more, I would've liked to say Fuck the System is worthy for both its audio and visual components. Maybe director Rob Rotten's other films (like the zombie flick Porn of the Dead or the Hunter S. Thompson-influenced [Generation of] Anal Swine) score bonus points for the sex as well as the music. [Metro Interactive/Punx Productions]

-J Graham

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