Ministry CD review [13th Planet]

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Ministry CD review [13th Planet]
May 12, 2006, 06:13

MINISTRY Rio Grande Blood  CD

Who wouldn't relish a chance to see one of our armed forces men bash a rifle butt through Al Jourgensen's moldy, hippy visage? Leading a tired, leftist refrain, I am left to believe that Al and Joni Mitchell are beating the same drum for an audience that has a lot in common, including the love of passé genres. Now for Ministry, President Bush is the “Great Satan” in their world, one in which sound bites are edited in order to achieve great, juvenile hilarity, much like your local radio morning team might do for some cheap a.m. chucks. “I am a terrorist,” Bush says in the intro to the title cut. Man, that's funny stuff. The cover image of Bush in crucifixion pose amidst a field of oil wells appears to have been inked by a very adept 7th grader, while the inner sleeve shows the Statue of Liberty, with oil rigs as the spikes in its crown, clutching an automatic weapon. The music is standard metallic raging 101, with clever titles like “Ass Clown,” (guess who?) and “Palestina.” I guess when you've got a simplistic, knee-jerk message, the vehicle should be of the same ilk. For those of you who wonder how people like Bush get elected in the first place, check this one out: the politically monolithic music industry has zero intellect and would prefer to degrade anyone who thinks differently. Ministry, at one time a kicking, vibrant band that took industrial sounds to a higher level, is now an anemic outfit that has to rely on minor-league political ranting to pimp its shallow “views.” [13th Planet]


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