Mogwai CD review [Matador]

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Mogwai CD review [Matador]
Mar 7, 2006, 04:14


Of all the bands I managed to catch at this year's Coachella festival, Mogwai were easily the best thing I saw all weekend (although Massive Attack were not too far behind). Granted I am a fan—a rather big fan—so it was with heated anticipation that I went to the second stage to see them play towards the end of the second day. At this point I had not yet heard Mr. Beast, but it really didn't matter—familiarity with the material was not necessary. Mogwai are one of the few bands that can truly straddle the fence and make the leap between the fragile and sublime (“I Choose Horses,” and “Acid Food,” seemingly their homage to Yo La Tengo) to epic sonic bombast (“Glasgow Mega-Snake,” “We're No Here”) with impunity. Although they've pretty much stuck to their post-rock formula of sonically textured instrumental passages with bits of pre-recorded snippets and the occasional warm vocal buried deep in the mix, I might venture to say that Mr. Beast is Mogwai's most fully realized effort to date. The hypnotic passages are completely enveloping and manage to engage adequately so as to never get boring, while the more explosive moments come with enough power to pin you to the wall. Their live show features more of their heavier material, and as much as I love Mr. Beast, I'd like to see them release a record with a more equal balance between the rock and the subdued. [Matador]

~Daniel House

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