Motorhead CD review [Sanctuary]

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Motorhead CD review [Sanctuary]
Aug 29, 2006, 04:28

MOTORHEAD Kiss of Death CD

If you ask me, Motorhead are ZZ Top's weird British siblings. I can't think of two bands more alike in attitude and sound, yet more unlike everything else in every other way. My dream for years has always been to see Billy Gibbons and Lemmy Kilmister on the same stage doing the same twisted form of boogie rock mixed with speed and whiskey but I'll just have to settle for Motorhead's version of “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” from their very first record.

Although Kiss of Death doesn't sound much like ZZ Top's recent offerings (can somebody please send Billy Gibbons a Triple Rectifier?), the mixture of boogie rock, blues, 60's garage rock and FUCKING METAL is in full effect.

From start to finish, Kiss of Death is the cohesive, solid Motorhead record I've been waiting years for. While I loved Hammered and the metal-fueled intensity of Inferno, those records seemed somewhat patchy to this reviewer, containing songs that, although great, scarcely went together, seeming more like a patchwork of various recording sessions and in between tour writings.

Perhaps, Motorhead taking a lighter tour schedule gave them time to focus on a new album in the truest sense of the word, Can't say for certain, but the record burns in all the right places and lets up right when it should. “Sucker” is a dirty, angry Motorhead power rocker in true, smelly, dirty, Motorhead style. Bust that out and in comes a barroom, whiskey tinged blues/boogie rock tune, “One Night Stand,” then the heavy “Devil I Know.” Probably the biggest surprise on the record is the heart-felt power ballad “God Was Never on Your Side,” showing that Motorhead has more to offer than just metal and bad breath. “Christine” is a 60's style pop number, reflecting Lemmy's own 60's roots.

All in all, Kiss of Death is a breath of fresh air from a band who could have gone stale years and years ago. While other bands may have lost their focus and soul (no names now), Motorhead carry on and can still write a record like it's their last ever and to this nearly 40-year-old rocker it's a fucking inspiration. [Sanctuary]

-Peter Larson

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