Peaches CD review [XL]

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Peaches CD review [XL]
Nov 26, 2006, 14:55

PEACHES Impeach My Bush CD

Nigga, please. When she first started out as a gimmicky solo cabaret club act it was probably hard for anyone to imagine that Toronto performance artist Peaches (AKA Merrill Nisker) would end up stepping out on tour opening up for Nine Inch Nails almost a decade later. At the time, it was really quite easy to dismiss the short Jewish chick with the fake moustache and pink satin baseball jacket. Hell, she couldn't sing, she could barely rap, and her beats sounded like they were created on a child's Casio keyboard. Peaches seemed ready to pick up where Wesley Willis had left off, it was just up to US to discover and validate her as some sort of vulgar savant.

Well, here we are. Impeach My Bush is, if you'll pardon the expression, “The Bomb” and producer Mick Petralia has finally provided Peaches with a musical landscape that will demand that her work be taken seriously. She also has a full band now, and the record even features cameo spots from Joan Jett and Josh Homme. As the title suggests, her lyrics (I guess we can call them that) still bleed double entendre and innuendo. Some of the writing is really quite funny and it wouldn't be a reach to say that this works as a comedy album. Strip away the music and you've got Sarah Silverman in a mullet. You certainly wouldn't wanna bring her home to meet your Mom.

Sure, this is party record and it might even get you laid. With titles like “Slippery Dick,” “Get It” and “Do Ya,” she's there to break the ice on your behalf. It's also not hard to see where she's going with this, either. She's providing a public service, like Halliburton or Hustler. The War on Sex begins and ends with Peaches. Let her fight for your right to fuck. [XL Recordings]

-Jeff Liles

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