Porest CD review [Abduction]

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Porest CD review [Abduction]
Feb 21, 2006, 04:45

POREST Tourrorists! CD

Tourrorists! is the fourth album by Oakland's Mark Gergis, better known as Porest, a close associate of the Sun City Girls and all around shit-disturber. Field recordings, audio collage and chopped ethno-disco all vie for attention on this schizophrenic collection of smartass ‘power folk' that took a reported twelve years to complete. While the album is generally very amusing, more than a few moments are in poor taste and resemble some of Sun City Girls' less transcendent comedic moments. For instance, the predictably silly “Let's Roll” features deadpan audio samples that explore jingoism and terrorist propaganda over a cool jazz vamp. Elsewhere, “We Eat The People” makes “Kill The Klan” sound like “Blowin' In The Wind,” while the relative pop of “Eye of the Leopard,” featuring Finnish buzz-kills, Aavikko, is bogged down by lyrics that will certainly put off anyone whose last name isn't Biafra. Subtlety is in very short supply here. Still, the rock-steady referencing “Hoyda,” the psychedelic and altogether too brief “Magic Carpet of the Holocaust Revival,” and the frantic sound collage “OFEK Down” are all distinctly clever tracks worth a listen.  

 Tourrorists! is an instantly captivating, very memorable album full of hooks and biting satire. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll want to hear it twice. [Abduction]

-James Jackson Toth

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