Silversun Pickups CD review {Dangerbird]

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Silversun Pickups CD review {Dangerbird]
Nov 16, 2006, 08:17


Silversun Pickups' singer Brian Aubert has an intriguing voice that's high, raspy but breathy, and until I read the bio I thought it was a husky-voiced lady. He does have a singular sound that's plaintive, yet alluring. Their music is heavily influenced by classic Dream-pop without being rote retread. That genre was/is Ambient Music writ large and LOUD: much melodic material being deliberately unrelated to the overall structural flow of the given song or to actively counter it, functioning as harmonic augmentation or even introducing pointedly dissonant riffage. Typically these sub-currents purposefully slalom in and out of the mix and the listeners' consciousness.

Silversun Pickups avail themselves of all these tricks without being slaves to the genre for the most part. A few tunes on Carnavas is straightforward shoegazer fare—coulda come straight off a vintage Swervedriver album, truth be told. Most others nick one particular item of the vocabulary to color the songwriting here then another item to redirect arranging or production there. They also throw in the odd grunge curveball to scuttle any overall nostalgia-vibe cohering and all in all Carnavas is comely stuff. [Dangerbird] 

-Howard W.

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