Sparks CD review [In The Red]

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Sparks CD review [In The Red]
Mar 7, 2006, 04:36

SPARKS Hello Young Lovers CD

Hello Young Lovers, the new album by legendary Sparks, shows the band as inventive as ever, silencing accusations of irrelevance by creating a record even more infectious and smart than usual.

Several recurring themes pop up throughout the album's ten tracks. The sterility of the modern world is a favorite topic, but so is, well, not being a little bitch. Elsewhere, the band continues to channel Queen via Cheap Trick as only they can, but adds some unlikely elements, like the ‘mosh part' that erupts from the middle of album opener “Dick Around,” or the claim that, if forced at gunpoint, they would rather “rock like a mother” than write any wimpy parts, which, they explain, only “get you into trouble.” All of this sung over a lush orchestral accompaniment without a hint of guitar, that most ubiquitous of ‘rock' instruments.

It's unrelentingly obnoxious, combatively precious, and inexplicably brilliant. Yep, it's another Sparks record. Did you expect any less from a band who takes their fashion cues from Hitler? [In The Red]

-James Jackson Toth

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