Syd Barrett DVD review [MVD]

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Syd Barrett DVD review [MVD]
Feb 21, 2006, 17:06


Fans of early Pink Floyd may want to rejoice… then again, maybe not. The Under Review series of DVDs aims to give a deep and insightful look into the creative lives of many of the stars that we both love and hate. For contemporary artists, I'm happy to watch Behind the Music as they do a perfectly good job, but for older and more obscure artists like Barrett, it can be fairly difficult to find much detail, and so we latch onto films like this with great anticipation.

Syd Barrett was the mysterious and enigmatic legend and primary creative force during the inception of The Pink Floyd through the release of their first record, Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967. Reports of Barrett's LSD use and his eventual slip into madness are legend, and are commonly accepted as the reason for his departure from the band. We all know this already. We can look it up with relative ease if we're curious. We can also look up the facts about what studio a particular record was recorded in, who the producer was, who the players were, etc. The great benefit of detailed documentaries about an artist is to get a sense of the person, and that is sadly where this film falls short.

This installement of the Under Review series gives a good look into the music and the career of Barrett, assembles and examines a wealth of fantastic footage and information, but it fails to convey much about the personal details of the man. There is no ethos, just a well documented history, intersected with interviews with a great panel of ‘experts' and an abundance of fantastic archival footage, which is perhaps the best reasons to seek this DVD out, especially if in this instance you consider yourself a fan of early Floyd or Barrett. [Chrome Dreams/MVD]

~Daniel House

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