The BellRays CD review [Cheap Lullaby]

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The BellRays CD review [Cheap Lullaby]
May 2, 2006, 15:39

THE BELLRAYS Have a Little Faith CD

The primary frustration in dealing with The BellRays in the past has been the relatively uneven marriage between soul sister Lisa Kekaula's tremendous pipes and the relatively one-dimensional punk band that backed her. After you got over the giddy shock of the audacious pairing, it soon became apparent that the music wasn't able to match Kekaula's dynamic emotional range. Every once in a while the two synced up, but not often enough.

Have a Little Faith is a payoff for this patient fan. The guitar snarl is still front-and-center often enough, but the band has added blues-rock boogie, soul music's sense of drama, and a more enlightened sense of musicianship. For example, there is no way the band could have pulled off the Middle Eastern rhythms on the moody “Lost Disciples” six years ago, and the straight-up soul of “Third Time's The Charm” (complete with a horn section) helps strike the perfect balance of smart new moves and the band's punk roots. This band has finally found the mix of fire-and-brimstone I've been praying for. [Cheap Lullaby]

-Tad Hendrickson

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