THE DEAD YARD by Adrian McKinty

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THE DEAD YARD by Adrian McKinty
Feb 28, 2006, 16:18

THE DEAD YARD by Adrian McKinty; Scribner, 2006 

The follow-up to Irish writer McKinty's knockout Dead I Well May Be is another literate, expertly-crafted crime novel that will appeal to fans of Ken Bruen and Dennis Lehane.

Five years after taking down a powerful Irish mobster, Belfast-born mercenary Michael Forsythe has a new identity (compliments of the FBI) and the chance at a new life. Trouble, however, constantly nips at Forsythe's heels, and while vacationing in Spain he is arrested when a riot breaks out at an Irish/British soccer match. Forsythe faces extradition to Mexico, where he's a wanted man, unless he cuts a deal with gorgeous British Intelligence agent Samantha Caudwell. His assignment: to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell called The Sons of Cuchulainn. Based outside Boston and led by fanatic ex-IRA members Gerry McCaghan and Davy “Touched” McGuigan, the SOC vows to ignore the IRA's current cease fire and to attack British targets in the States. Once again, Forsythe goes undercover, entering a shadowy world of subterfuge and deception in which he must use his skills to escape certain death. It is a role Forsythe knows well. What he doesn't anticipate is falling for his enemy's daughter, Kit McCaghan.

McKinty is a writer to watch, and if he keeps publishing books as strong as this (and last year's Hidden River) he'll have a hell of a career ahead of him.

-Patrick Milliken

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