The Seconds CD review [5RC]

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The Seconds CD review [5RC]
Mar 21, 2006, 04:42


Like their alter egos [The] Ex-Models, spizzity-spaz NYC rockers The Seconds have thrown their pop hooks into the East River and crashed their more danceable ambitions into a Jersey barrier of dead-end dissonance. Their previous 5RC release, Y, saw The Seconds cheerfully ripping Madonna a new one with a cover of “Burning Up” that sounded like Ciccone Youth reborn in a Williamsburg hipster disco, and the whole album was a fun, fired-up glut of nocturnal noise-funk that sounded great at 3:27 AM when the party passed the sloppy beer phase and dissolved into fall-down-sweaty pogo-and-grope fests on the crowded living room floor. Expect no such levity here. Kratitude tests your patience more than your dance moves. Repetition is the primary (only?) song structure present here: Simple, single-string riffs rev and slow and rev and slow and rev and slow, like an OCD organ grinder recorded on a wonky and warped old cassette deck, while vocals yap nonsense over punctuations of guitar sizzle. (Why, yes, there is a similarity to the recent Liars albums, with their sloppy improvs, pseudo-literate chants, and drumbeats that lead you nowhere with a drunken stumble.) There's a certain sweltering dizziness one feels listening to Kratitude at high volume. The trancelike redundancy and tuneless, droning vocals make you swoon, as if trapped in a hotbox with no sustenance but your own desperate desire for it to all to end. As such, it works a delusional spell that either infuriates you enough to kill or finally breaks your will and forces you to accept your fate—CIA interrogators take note. [5 Rue Christine]

-J Graham

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