Totimoshi CD review [Crucial Blast]

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Totimoshi CD review [Crucial Blast]
Oct 24, 2006, 17:59

Totimoshi - Ladrón


Like many heavy bands of the 21st century, Oakland's Totimoshi start with a “sound” and a textural stance and process various elements of style there through. Their basic ambience is raw, unburnished and unbolstered. Their new album Ladron seems like the creation of nothing more than three people in a room blasting away, and producer Page Hamilton deserves credit for either having the nerve and restraint not to utilize pro-forma “sweetening” techniques… or to create that affect through even greater artifice. Especially notable is Tony Aguilar's guitar spuzz, which is as raggedy as it is hard hitting—he could give Neil Young a run for his money in that department! It's a lovely, spluttering, raging rush of noise wherein you actually hear all the guitar strings being scraped, the amp cones creaking and sparks jumping through overloaded connections; pretty startling in this pre-set, Pro-Tools, computer-modulated era we live in.

As for the songs, Totimoshi apply themselves to a nicely chosen gift basket of variegated, yet harmonious, goodies. These run the gamut from spot-on evocations of mid-period Black Sabbath (and frankly they absolutely NAIL all the qualities thereof that those poseurs Wolfmother pathetically fumble with) to the kinda smarty-pantsed metal–nouveau once called “grunge” (before Nirvana steered the genre pop-wards) and even more contempo modes. All this is rendered heartfelt, spontaneous and gutsy by their ravishing, ravaged, raw sonic palette. Put succinctly, Totimoshi are a standout in a sea of mediocre careerists. [Crucial Blast]

-Howard W

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