TV on The Radio CD review [Interscope/4AD]

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TV on The Radio CD review [Interscope/4AD]
Sep 12, 2006, 18:02

TV ON THE RADIO Return to Cookie Mountain CD

As NYC reels from the demise of cornerstone clubs like CBGBs and The Continental, Brooklyn has long been establishing itself as the new downtown. While corporate American has swooped in and sucked up affordability, those creative enough to care have fled and taken up residency in the “it” borough. And while North Brooklyn is starting to see its share of inflated rent and McFranchises, it's still cheaper than Manhattan. As a result of the mass exodus there has been a hotbed of creativity brewing for the last decade that has really started to explode over the last few years. It seems that Brooklyn has produced more than its share of noteworthy bands and the buzz is deafening. Some are meritorious while bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are just a product of over-hype. If there's any Brooklyn band deserving of copious amounts of praise it has to be TV on The Radio. Starting with the brilliant EP Young Liars, TVOTR established itself as an anomaly easily distancing themselves from their peers. It was a refreshing burst of flavor that left everyone clamoring for more. Unfortunately, what was to follow was a let down. The band's first full-length was a stumble as things didn't quite come together as expected, as if the experiment had gone awry and the boys didn't know how to contain the monster. Fortunately, all doubt has been completely destroyed by Return to Cookie Mountain. Perhaps one of the most anticipated releases of the year, TVOTR deliver with a sonically soulful record that should rid the band of pathetic early comparisons to Peter Gabriel. Always a difficult band to pigeonhole, TVOTR produces a purely unique sound that continues to evolve and outshine with free-form risks of exploration and experimentation that come together in cohesive bliss despite being mostly free of verse chorus verse. It's a beauty like no other that will continue to take on new meaning with each listen, never wallowing in stagnancy. This is the one that should put TVOTR on the map and reach out to those out of the loop as well as those who were hesitant to pull the trigger based on previous experience. The live show continues to improve as well and those of you living outside of Brooklyn should still be lucky enough to catch the band in an intimate venues... this time around.  [Interscope/4AD]

-Troy Brookins

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