Two Ton Boa CD review [Kill Rock Stars]

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Two Ton Boa CD review [Kill Rock Stars]
Nov 23, 2006, 18:29

TWO TON BOA Parasiticide CD

Two Ton Boa have a deceptively simple yet aesthetically effective M.O.: stark bass guitar and drums render dark cabaret tunes. Other instrumental flavors are occasional accents, judiciously dispensed. It's a unique sound: crunchy, spacious and minimal yet evoking a very full sonic panorama.

It's an apt stage-set for the drama of bassist Sherry Fraser's arch, aching vocals and angry librettos. Fraser has a keening, accusatory voice with a subtle undertone of dazed slur; she'd fit right into any post-Alice In Chains melodic metal band quite comfortably.  In this much sparser setting, the impact of her lyrics and singing is much more unsettling than it'd be in more conventional surroundings.

Many of these songs revolve around the grand/heinous transition from childhood to adolescence; from innocence to worldliness with sexual self-awareness being a central catalyst of the process. This is a heady, bewildering change as one encounters sexual power and bliss as well as the emotional and physical vulnerability and objectification that often accompanies it. It would be earthshaking to realize one day that you've gone from being perceived as a gifted student, smart-ass, admired athlete one day to being reduced to sexual function and identified by your secondary sexual characteristics the next in the eyes of 50% of your schoolmates.

Very powerful stuff conveyed with class and imagination. [Kill Rock Stars]

-Howard W.

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