Woven Hand CD review [Sounds Familyre]

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Woven Hand CD review [Sounds Familyre]
Sep 19, 2006, 18:09



Mosaic is the fourth full-length from former 16 Horsepower frontman David Eugene Edwards. What started as a side project has now become Edwards' sole outlet for his version of American folk music. This is a dose of traditional Americana, heavily influenced by faith, spiked with tribal rhythms and a Bowie Berlin trilogy-like atmosphere that runs underneath it all. The odd marriage works. The intensity of the music is matched by Edwards' deep Christian faith that often echoes the struggles of Johnny Cash as Edwards reflects on life filled with sin and redemption. The music is a dark contrast to those in the indie world who subscribe to similar values as Edwards' music reflects a commonality with Nick Cave rather than Daniel Smith or Sufjan Stevens. Never preachy, Edwards seems more concerned with the way he lives his life and not the way you live yours, Mosaic delivers an extremely personal glimpse into the life of the singer that allows you to connect on a level that few musicians ever permit. It's raw honesty matched by few. While 16 Horsepower will surely be missed there's more than enough reason to take solace in Woven Hand. [Sounds Familyre]

-Troy Brookins

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