Across Tundras CD review by Brett Horn

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Across Tundras CD review by Brett Horn
Jul 20, 2007, 20:14

Across Tundras - Dark Songs of the Prairie

ACROSS TUNDRAS Dark Songs of the Prairie CD

Denver's Across Tundras have put a good foot forward with their debut release. Marrying a roots vibe and rock riffage with short ambient stretches, they've conjured up a sound filled with familiar ingredients that, nonetheless, add up to a refreshingly unique whole. Don't get confused by the ambient label as this is some fairly heavy stuff, and the quieter parts aren't necessarily quiet per se, just quiet in relation to what surrounds. The constant tug between clatter and fine white noise could get dull and annoying pretty quickly in lesser hands, but the band manages what could very easily become a predictable dynamic with surprising skill. I'm stopping a bit short of a whole-hearted recommendation here as there are indeed some intermittently long-winded passages that are a bit limp. But, still, this disc is a fine accompaniment to the thunderstorms raging outside my Chicago window as I write this, and consequently I'd like to hear more. [Crucial Blast]

-Brett Horn


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