Be Your Own Pet CD reviewed by Luc Rodgers

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Be Your Own Pet CD reviewed by Luc Rodgers
Dec 21, 2007, 18:52

Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet


Nashville, TN's Be Your Own Pet took control of 2004's CMJ, commandeering attention and evoking similarities between the once burgeoning NYC garage/punk scene. They have the rawness, the rhythmic power and flip flop beats, and the precious/pouty personae that is Jemina Pearl. As long as this music has been around, how is it that they seem to make it exciting and, at times, fresh? One simple reason: they have only recently discovered the life that is punk rock. The members, all born between 1987 and 1990, seem to have an affinity for the likes of the old school giants. While there are worse hooks to hang your coats on, isn't it time to move forward?

The energy and crass style of the second track, “Bunk Trunk Skunk,” dominate the album, hands down. As she screams, “I'm an independent mutha-fucker/And I'm here to take your money/I'm wicked rad and I'm here/To steal away your virginity,” the fist clenches and nearly shoots skyward. Apart from the dated/short-lived “wicked rad” part, dominance reigns and it is the scariest this late teen/early twenty-something will ever sound. Unfortunately, the in-your-face gets old as the album bounces from blister into blister, hardly veering far from some sort of mediocre formula they've carved for themselves.

As they age and mature, they will realize that the punk aesthetic cannot be as simple as proclaiming your power and prowess, but in other, more tastefully-quiet-therefore-more-dangerous ways (see groundbreaking music and/or simple experimentation, something that this release lacks both of). This very cut and dry; simple ideas put to simple music by people who are simply enjoying their youth. Punk rock? Sort of. Punk rock was new and never previously heard. It has since morphed into this aggressive sort of pop that a new generation can enjoy but also use it to further it where the previous two generations failed, though that may prove impossible. Punk has nearly covered every territory imaginable, or so we think. Prove us wrong, Be Your Own Pet, and make a statement. As far as right here and now goes, there will be no revolution coming. Just more cramped house parties and kids being kids. [Ecstatic Peace!/Universal]

-Luc Rodgers

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