Brimstone Howl CD reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Brimstone Howl CD reviewed by Troy Brookins
Sep 4, 2007, 04:55

Brimstone Howl - Guts of Steel


Just when you thought that the whole garage scene had been played out and is running on empty, along comes Lincoln, Nebraska's Brimstone Howl. They keep it interesting with short, sharp bursts of scuzzed-out rock delivered by a youthful crew that look like they stepped straight outta the cornfields. There's nothing fancy or revolutionary here, but that's the point. Good rock 'n' roll should be noisy, testosterone fueled, come from the gutter and get under the skin of those who don't know any better. Mission accomplished. If memory serves me correctly, and it often doesn't, this is what I wanted the last Mystery Girls record to sound like, but that only disappointed—Guts of Steel doesn't. [Alive]

-Troy Brookins

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