Cannibal Holocaust directed by Ruggero Deodato

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Cannibal Holocaust directed by Ruggero Deodato
Aug 29, 2007, 18:34


CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST directed by Ruggero Deodato; 1979, Midnight Video

The ultimate Italian cannibal-splatter cruelty fest. Banned in many countries, this fine effort from Sadean director Ruggero Deodato (House by The Edge of The Park, Cut and Run) is a shocker of the highest order. Though there are many Italian cannibal movies (Lucio Fulci's Zombie, Umberto Lenzi's Make Them Die Slowly, etc...) this is by far  the hardest edged of all and has a unique power to disturb even the most jaded gorehound. Four documentary filmmakers travel to a remote Amazon jungle to film a tribe of cannibals way of life. Ooops. They upset the tribe and become the next victims. Starring the fat and balding R. Bolla, one of the most unlikely studs of '80s porn, Cannibal Holocaust is a fave of Satan teens and angel dust users across the globe, and with its film-within-a-film structure, it actually implicates the viewer in the horror onscreen. One of the best. [Midnight Video, 5010 Church Drive, Coplay, PA, 18037]

-Joel Shepard

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