Danava CD review [Kemado]

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Danava CD review [Kemado]
Jan 25, 2007, 03:46


My hometown heroes have taken off like a rocket. Danava threw some mp3s on MySpace and hit the road with main man Dusty Sparkles' other outfit Glass Candy; soon Kemado Records came a-knockin' and the rest is history in the making. Portland is the last rock and roll city left in the US so it's about time a band with balls got some recognition (The Decemberists and Dandy Warhols obviously got none of the above). The question on everyone's minds seems to be "how real can this band be and are they part of the hipster metal problem?" I can firmly answer that these little geezers know more about the obscure 70's rock that they mine than I do (and that's saying something). On top of that, for every stone of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Hawkwind, Goblin, and Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come that Danava overturn, they compliment with the live intensity of Karp or High on Fire. This music is infectious like Nirvana Bleach and epic as prog without any of the math. Melody, harmony, Kraut-like repetition, strong, cleanly wailed vox, and a shit-ton of analog synth keep these cock-rockers smart and solid as anything I've heard from NW rock since the hoary days when Sub Pop mattered. Danava made my favorite album of 2006 and this is clearly just the beginning. They just turned down a tour with Wolfmother, so you know their hearts are in the right place too. Ignore the hair and the frilly shirts (that shit is for the ladies and the A&R guys). Just realize that Danava takes everything great about epic retro-metal, and plays it in a way that is undeniably modern. Can't fucking wait to hear what they do next. [Kemado]

-Nathan Carson

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