Detroit Cobras CD review by Troy Brookins

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Detroit Cobras CD review by Troy Brookins
Aug 22, 2007, 08:21

Detroit Cobras - Tied and True


The Detroit Cobras have always been an oddity in that they only deliver cover songs from the tastiest of the rhythm and blues cannon. They've tossed in an original or two just to keep things interesting but their repertoire has drawn from the likes of Mary Wells, Ike Turner, Otis Redding, and the more obscure. Singer Rachel Nagy has no problem delivering these gems in convincing manner with more balls than an entire navy fleet—Amy Winehouse ain't got nothin' on Nagy, and the band have managed to pull this off through three records with better than average results, but their time as the greatest cover band ever may have come to a halt with their latest Tied & True. While the record starts off strong, it starts to fade halfway through into a loungy, uninteresting and unusual phone-in that drags with frequnet spats of tedium. This is an unfortunate experience that defies expectation since everything has been so solid to this point. Even the contributions from Greg Cartwright can't seem to save Tied & True. It's an unfortunate experience that may or may not resolve itself the next time around. Guess we'll see… [Bloodshot]

-Troy Brookins

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