Dudek / Nielergall / Versala CD review by Howard Wuelfing

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Dudek / Nielergall / Versala CD review by Howard Wuelfing
Aug 29, 2007, 19:46

Buschi Niebergall, Edward Vesala & Gerd Dudek - Open


To mine Philistine ears Open follows 70's free jazz stereotypes at their most predictably alienating. Much of the time this sax, bass, drums trio seems to be playing utterly unaware of what one another are doing, voicing any idea that comes to mind, willy-nilly, with no plan or line of development apparently informing it.  This registers as meaningless self-indulgence.  Admittedly I don't listen to enough vintage free jazz to have mastered the lexicon or make fine points of discernment, so take this as you will. On the other hand, where these musicians wax melodic and seem to be actively trying to musically interrelate, I find it thrilling. It's lovely. And witnessing improvisational construction unfold before yr ears is nothing short of galvanizing.

Open feels like is a necessary act of destruction and self-liberation for the musicians involved. But listening to destruction or standing in the ruins is a short-lived joy irrelevant to most audients other than as a one-time initiation experience to throw off shackles of conventional perception. So, in the long run, ultimately it's an aesthetic cul de sac. Like I said, I'm a pop dullard! [Atavistic]

-Howard Wuelfing

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