Final Warning CD review by John Graham

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Final Warning CD review by John Graham
Jul 25, 2007, 05:28



I wouldn't quite use the term “legendary” to describe this quartet of 1980s Portland thrashpunx. With only 5 studio songs and a stage recording (from The Starry Night theater, the same venue as Black Flag's Who's Got the 10-1/2? live album), Final Warning never escaped the Pacific Northwest's isolated punk vacuum. Yet PDX punks of old still whisper the name Final Warning with something verging on reverence. This CD illustrates why. Like their peers Poison Idea, Final Warning helped pioneer the crossover between old-school punk and (then new) thrash and hardcore. Unlike Poison Idea, though, Final Warning sounds more influenced by UK82 speed fiends such as Charged GBH, Broken Bones, The Varukers, and D-beat kings Discharge. No fanciness. No fucking guitar solos. Just 16 songs in 36 minutes. Basic political punk the way it used to be made. Purchase this along with Poison Idea's Kings of Punk and Zeno Records' History of Portland Punk and you'd get a good idea of the evolution of the PDX sound between 1977 and 1987. [Southern Lord]

-J Graham


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