Interpol CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Interpol CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Sep 14, 2007, 02:13

Interpol - Our Love to Admire

INTERPOL Our Love to Admire CD

The more Interpol delve into the past, the better they get; the sound more emotionally dense, the sad wispiness of the voice more front and center and the waywardness of the lyrics more profound. My guess is, from observation, that these elements are delivered to an audience with almost zero sense of what the past is, of what, say Andy Mackay lent to Roxy Music with his oboe and sax. Kids in mom's Saab or dad's Ford Explorer don't think like that. But if they are forward enough to listen to Interpol, there is hope that they can feel.

This is the third release from what has become the best band that I can think of these days, the only one that tends to its music and songs as if they were a garden full of garlic and basil and maybe some good smoke. “Pioneer to The Falls” opens with a piano trailing a three-note guitar lick, giving way to an affected yet honest vocal. There are a million predecessors and there are none. “The Scale” is a chugging traipse that could have been on any Joy Division LP. Oops, did I say that? The blogs are full of people who just can't take it.  “I wish people would not constantly mention Joy Division when reviewing Interpol,” whines little James Leicester in responding to one review.

 “…Interpol can't seem to shake being likened to Factory prodigies Joy Division. The cause, however, isn't necessarily evident,” reads a review at the esteemed Pitchfork.

Are they crazy? This is praise of the highest order, being likened to a band that created an entire genre.

Actually, the astounding Ferry-isms of  “Our Love…” are just what the effort needs—merge Division and Roxy and come up with a fantastic release. I have no trouble with the past shining on the present and, ideally, the future. Interpol have defied the odds by delivering a third LP full of freshness. Who else does that? Most are spent after one or, if they are lucky, two. Keep pushing. Next reference stop—The Furs. [Capitol]


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