Pink Reason CD review by Nick Blakey

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Pink Reason CD review by Nick Blakey
Jul 20, 2007, 20:25

Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror

PINK REASON Cleaning The Mirror CD

Capturing in music the depths of a dead end situation in the modern American Midwest is no easy thing. The late Jim Shepard came close with his bands Vertical Slit and V-3, and some of the earlier Guided By Voices records give hints of this as well. If one has ever spent any time in Youngstown, Ohio or driving the seemingly endless highways of Pennsylvania, certainly that indescribably eerie and desolate feeling one can get—particularly during certain times of the evening—is like no other. Often times one does not want to remember it, but when such a mood is invoked you can never forget it.

Pink Reason manages to ensnare this mood acutely and horrifically, though it should be noted that Cleaning The Mirror focuses more on the more downtrodden, acid-folk side of the band, which may be startling to those well versed in the group's more gonzoid 45's and the tracks featured on their MySpace page. All but one of the songs clocks in between 6 and 7 minutes, and are mini-provocation epics of contrasting elements of strummed and tortured guitars, heavily reverbed drums and percussion, and Kevin De Broux's cascading and often detached vocals shimmering like amber waves of grain. The lo-fi nature of the recording only adds to the claustrophobic and dim bulb atmosphere. Images of cheap beer, bad drugs, and no future pass through the lyrics, De Broux illustrating this quite literally through songs with titles such as "Goodbye,""Motherfucker," and "Dead End.""Storming Heaven" churns and drags (but never lags) itself through what sounds like an empty factory, De Broux several floors below softly singing through the holes in the concrete.  The odd keyboard ambience and transparent vocals of "Thrush" are like a ray of sunlight through a filthy window.Â

That De Broux can put such a varied aspect on such feeling of total loss, yet never sound like a victim or someone looking for sympathy only adds to the genius nature of the music and this band. There is hope and drive in the introspection, and the fact that De Broux is alive, well, and still making music only adds to this.

Pink Reason is a band to watch, study, and eagerly await more recordings from. [Siltbreeze]

-Nick Blakey


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